CallRun Bluetooth Lost Protector APP Download Start Operations Easy to understand

发布日期:2018-02-01 15:13
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1. Download isearching app - turn on Bluetooth - turn on isearching and connect the Bluetooth anti loss device (press for 3 seconds to turn on the anti loss device, and you will hear a drip sound after the device is turned on successfully.)
2. Alarm operation - after connecting, click on the "alarm" anti-dropping device will emit drip sound, press the button of the anti-dropping device to close the drip sound. Press the anti-dropout button 2 and the mobile phone will emit a "bird song" (settable) sound. Click on any blank in T + T and turn off the mobile phone alarm.
3. Lost-proof and look for details of settings - Lost-proof settings have three blocks (0-20 meters) near, medium and far, and ringtones can be set at will.
4. Camera function - click the "camera" button and press the anti-dropout button to take photos or videos.
5. Location - Click on "Location" and press the drop-proof button to locate. Search for lost items, click on "Lost History" to view the last location and narrow the scope of lost items.
6. Recording mode - click Settings - Open Double-click Settings - Recording mode - press 2 Loss Preventer buttons to record, press 1 to stop recording - Recording files are saved in the Settings Recording History.
7. Two-way alarm - When Bluetooth is turned off, the mobile phone and Bluetooth Lost-proof device will give out alarm sounds. 
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These are all the operation contents of Bluetooth Lost-proof Device. If there are any shortcomings, please give more advice! Thank you