The CallRun brand is committed to the field of communication (Bluetooth, NFC and so on), sensors, AI technology research and development of consumer electronics, improve the use of traditional electronic products experience We're not going to create new products, new features without any reason, but we want our products to be more intelligent

Company Story
It's not easy to be a company with aspirations.



Human exploration of technology is more than just the need for comfort. We seek where we come from, how we exist in the universe, how much difference we have with extraterrestrial civilizations, at the same level, or over or at the drop. Or the upcoming Star Trek, what force will we wake up to?. So what should we do now? Good, we should look to the universe, the life of the cumbersome to the intelligent body, and the future of the universe journey, we must be intelligent, big spacecraft, small to a teacup, will have their own AI attributes. So, what we do, to look up at the starry sky, high, changing the life with AI.  CallRun science was established in the first place, it is to be your friend in the future star trek.